Dragon Eye Pendant Necklace

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Explore the allure of our Dragon Eye necklace, a distinctive creation influenced by the potent symbolism of the dragon, a creature steeped in cultural significance, embodying power, transformation, spirituality, and fortuity.

At its heart lies a mesmerizing Marquise Ethiopian Fire Opal, replicating the brilliant gaze of a dragon’s eye. The opal's fascinating color spectrum mirrors the adaptive potency and strength of dragons. It is cradled by a halo of semi-precious gemstones including the intense Ruby. Its deep crimson hue adds depth, signifying the relentless flames of the dragon's breath. Sapphires lend the calm and beauty of ocean blue, while Emeralds impart the vibrancy of flourishing nature.

Accentuating its exclusivity, the necklace features a signature dragon-scale pattern. This unique design mimics the texture of dragon scales, symbolizing self-appreciation and empowerment.

The Dragon Eye necklace seamlessly blends vivid symbolism with modern fashion, ensuring an influx of transformative energy and engaging narratives to your curated jewelry collection.


  • Stone Type: Ethiopian Fire Opal & (Ruby, Sapphire, Or Emerald)
  • Metal: Yellow Gold
  • Purity: 14 Karat
  • Pendant Size: 0.65'' x 0.55'' Inches


  • Total Carat Weight: Est. 1.62tcw
  • Ethiopian Fire Opal: 1.25tcw
  • Ruby - 0.20tcw
  • Emerald - 0.22tcw
  • Sapphire - 0.24tcw
  • 14kt Gold
  • Cable Chain - 18'' Inches - 1.00mm
  • Dragon's Eye Pendant Necklace

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