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3-D Cube Statement Earrings

Treasured & Co.®
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3D Cube Statement Earrings

Adorn yourself with our custom-made 3D Cube Statement Earrings - a versatile accessory designed to captivate. Whether for a night out or to accentuate your minimalistic style, these earrings will effortlessly draw attention. Expertly crafted to your choice of size and gold, they become the ultimate personalized expression.


  • Material Primary: 14kt Gold
  • Material Color: Yellow Gold 
  • Earring Size: 
    • 16mm = 0.65''x0.65'' Inches
    • 13mm = 0.50''x0.50'' Inches
    • 10mm = 0.40x0.40'' Inches
  • Earrings Weight: 4.00-6.50 Grams


  • 14kt Gold
  • Clip Backs
  • 3D Cube Earrings

Please note that due to their personalized nature, custom orders cannot be refunded as they are meticulously crafted based on customer requirements. Kindly allow up to 10 business days for production unless otherwise specified.

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